Blindtex is a premium UK-based window coverings’‭ ‬firm‭. ‬For over 25‭ ‬years our team has been providing quality products‭, ‬exceptional brand experience and bespoke window treatments to various business sectors in the UK and MENA region‭.‬

During the past twelve years‭, ‬we have built our Blindtex brand offering a wide range of window coverings‭, ‬custom made‭, ‬and hand‭-‬finished to guarantee a perfect product every time‭. ‬

Designed in the UK and manufactured in UAE‭, ‬our products undergo rigorous testing and quality control‭, ‬while our Research and Development department is constantly expanding our product range to meet the rapidly growing demand for more sophisticated products at accessible prices‭.‬

Our Story

The story starts in 1989‭ ‬in a thriving UK market town‭, ‬Bolton‭. ‬From humble beginnings Bolton Blinds began its firsts operations‭ ‬from a market stall‭. ‬The entrepreneurial nature of the business meant that within months of opening they would be making their own vertical and roller blinds and opened a factory based in an old textile mill‭.‬

The stall sales continued to grow and grow which presented the natural progression to open their first premises in Bolton town centre‭. ‬With the growth of the shutter market and being early adopters of this fast growing product‭, ‬the UK’s biggest window blind store was opened in Bolton‭.‬

As their reputation for delivering quality service and product continued to flourish‭, ‬so did the trade enquiries‭. ‬With that the‭ ‬trade arm of the business‭ ‬“Blindtex”‭ ‬was born which would go on to serve the trade creating a national network of buyers‭.‬


Our vision is to build worldwide recognition and create an exceptional brand experience while enriching the quality of life for‭ ‬the customers we serve‭.‬


Our mission is to establish Blindtex as a premier window styling firm‭, ‬while preserving our unwavering quality standards while we flourish‭. ‬To always channel a passion for our clientele and be consistent in delivering the best customer service‭.‬