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Take control and save money by ordering online


  1. Faster delivery – as all your orders go direct to the factory

  2. Less room for error – as you will be advised when a product is ordered out of specification

  3. Prompting – you cannot proceed unless you fill in all the vital information

  4. Track orders all the way up to despatch date.

  5. Order history! Did I place that order … and when?

  6. What are you not selling? You will see options that could be added to increase the sale value next time.

  7. Cost confirmation; simply fill in the order and see your cost price. Once you have agreed the sale, simply go back and submit your order.

  8. Eliminate mistakes! Clerical errors, illegible hand writing and misspelling become a thing of the past.

  9. Advice – the system will automatically tell you when different size components are required due to the size of the blind.

  10. Customer Satisfaction! Improve your customer service by responding immediately and avoiding any potential issues. Result – one very happy customer!

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